Today in Tha Wire Rihanna pranks TV host Jimmy Kimmel April Fools Day, sneaking in his bedroom at one in the morning singing her new single “B***h Better Have My Money.”

Rihanna - Getty Images

TheBoomBox reports singer/actress Rihanna probably pulled off one of the greatest April Fools pranks ever, when she sneaked into Jimmy Kimmel's bedroom and woke the Late Night host up, performing her new single “Bitch Better Have My Money.”  RiRi was dressed in all black, armed with a flashlight, $100 bills and two dancers.

The shock and confusion on Kimmels face was priceless as he watched the Pop diva perform her entire song, standing on his bed, in high-heel platform boots.  The great part about this is, it was all caught on tape!

Talk about hilarious!  Rianna got Jimmy Kimmel good!  As the comedian/actor struggled to figure out what exactly was happening, RiRi was tossing bills at his head and never broke character as she sang to the camera.

By the time she finished singing, Kimmel was wide awake and said simple, “All right that was a good one.” Adding, "It seemed like a UFO had landed. I didn’t know what was going on.”  To which Rihanna laughed, “Thanks for not killing us.”

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