According to our folks over at The Boom Box, Robin Thicke tried everything to save his marriage to actress Paula Patton prior to the announcement of their separation on yesterday (Feb. 24th). 

As much as people wanted to know what happened, it was uncertain why the couple who has been been together for almost 20 years, and married for 8 years, decided to call it quits.

According to TMZ, Robin Thicke tried to save his marriage before the news of their separation became public. Thicke canceled a concert in Atlanta on Friday (Feb. 21), citing problems with his throat, he then boarded a flight to Canada to be with his wife, where she's currently shooting a movie in Vancouver.

While in Vancouver, reports say the couple had a long conversation, but there was nothing Robin could do to make Paula change her mind. Reports said, "she is determined to move forward with the separation". There has also been reports of the two arguing prior to the public announcement of their separation. Patton made the decision to end the marriage, according to sources.

The singer reportedly went to Orlando to be with their 3-year-old son Julian Fuego.

Damn, this will really make a person feel hopeless in maintaining their relationship, because they seemed so happy. The old saying goes though, never judge a book by it's cover.