Oops! Butter smooth, blue-eyed soul crooner and ‘Duets‘ star Robin Thicke smashed his swanky black convertible Porsche into a parked car on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood last night (July 10.) Jeez, does Thicke need some driving lessons? Was he under the influence, as if often the case in these types of incidents? As it turns out,  the answer is “no.” It wasn’t Thicke’s fault.

TMZ reports that the always well-coiffed Thicke told the authorities that another car cut him off as he was leaving the celeb hangout Chateau Marmont. That driver’s actions forced him to swerve his (expensive) ride into a parked car. The cops do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved and a criminal investigation has been launched, but not regarding Thicke.

The grill and the tire of Thicke’s (formerly) sweet ride were pretty damaged. No one was injured, thankfully. The parked car, a lowly Volkswagen, was towed. The cops even gave Thicke a ride home. Can you imagine how his wife, actress Paula Patton, reacted upon seeing her husband dropped off by a squad car? That could have been hairy for a sec.

While Thicke may be out of the running on the reality singing show, with all of this amateur partners voted off as of last week, that won’t stop him from looking for a hit. He got one last night, although it’s probably not the sort of “hit” he wanted.

The car was pretty damn fine, so this one hadda hurt, even if Thicke escaped unscathed, physically speaking!

See Video of Robin Thicke’s Busted Porsche

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