It's hard to think that anyone in our allegedly civilized world could ever support turning a killer of any age out into society. However, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that underage killers must be allowed parole, even if they have been sentenced to life behind bars.

Regardless of how you believe on this issue the bottom line is those who commit heinous crimes, even if they are younger than the legal age of adulthood must be allowed to seek parole. Nathan Allbritton, a resident of Natchitoches Parish, doesn't agree with the Supreme Court or anyone else that thinks just because a criminal is underage they should have a right to attain freedom.

I’d like for you to think about my 11-year-old child and the horror that he went through before he died. Seeing his mother being blown apart. Seeing this cold-blooded killer who happened to be 15 come in his room and blow him apart.

Those were Allbritton's comments before the House leaders yesterday as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Allbritton's wife and son were gunned down by a 15 year old in August of 1994. His daughter managed to escape the killers by crawling through a window.

Despite the pleas of the Allbritton family a ruling by the Supreme Court must be followed. That's why Metarie Senator Danny Martiny has filed legislation that would be in accordance with the wishes of the high court. In his bill a killer convicted of a heinous crime would become eligible to be considered for parole after 35 years behind bars.

The Supreme Court has dictated to us that we have to do something, and if we do nothing, then they’re either going to tell us what we’ve got to do, or we’re going to spend a whole ton of money trying to figure out what the right remedy is.

While Martiny's proposal would keep the state within the guidelines suggested by the Supreme Court, it would not make earning the right parole easy. The criminal would have to maintain a record of good behavior and participate in educational programs while incarcerated. He suggests his proposal is not to get criminals out of jail. It is to rehabilitate those who want to become better citizens. That is after they served at least 35 years for their wicked ways.

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