Today I met some young brothers who are a breathe of fresh air to some of the hip hop that we have blaring in the world today. While every generation has their own music and category. I am an old school head and love music from A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy and so much more.he young men formed a group called Jae Mansa and hail from North Carolina. They came by today and we talked about their latest single "Fate" and how they got a start and some of their influences on the hip hop scene.

As we were talking I told the guys how back in the earlier days of hip hop you could listen to N.W.A and still listen to Boogie Down Production. You could listen to Young MC and come back and jam Spice One. So with a lot of todays music it seems to go one way and Jae and B feel the same way and that's why they have been working hard to create great music for the culture. Their latest release is called "Young Kings"

I want to thanks the fellas for coming by and talking to me about hip hop and more. Be on the lookout for more great things to come from the fellas and also big shouts out to Marlo Jackson for bringing the fellas here through our beautiful city of Lake Charles.


Jae Mensa- "Fate":

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