One thing I can say about Cupid is there will not be a moment where he doesn't have something going on. Cupid has literally been all around the world, performing for sold out crowds and taking the charts by storm.

He is really one of the biggest selling artists to come out of Louisiana thanks to his hit single "Cupid Shuffle". I knew the song had a major buzz to it, but when my wife and I went on vacation in Jamaica and I heard it in there local Margaritaville, I knew that he had officially made it. Well, he is back with another one for the fans as he is taking us back to the fun days when the "Soul Train Line" was a must.

We all remember getting up on Saturday morning and seeing who was going to be performing on the show. But we couldn't wait until the "Soul Train Line" was going on where we would see various people dancing to the hottest song of the week. Check out Cupid's latest video and get ready to sweat it out.

Cupid -"Soul Train Line":


Lately, Cupid has been in the news over claims of being snubbed to ever be asked to appear at the Festival International De Louisiaine. While there are claims on both sides, we are hoping that, although it's too late for this year, maybe within the next few years, there can be some sort of compromise and Cupid can finally be a part of the festival. As the saying goes, once cooler heads prevail, I am sure that will be possible.

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