If there’s a snake or a bad dog on the loose, it’s the quickest way to witness someone become an instant track star. Stick around if you want to, but I’m getting the heck out of there!

In a video posted to Youtube account ViralHog, a rat snake lunges into an opened door at a customer who was inside of an internet cafe, located in Wiset Chai Chan District, Ang Thong, Thailand. The man who was lucky to avoid becoming the victim of a snake bite. He managed to get away quickly, as others quickly scattered away from their computers out of harms way, even sending some standing on their chairs.

With the exception of that one time I found a snake in the hallway of the radio station and kept it as a pet for about two weeks, I don’t mess with snakes. Yes, that really happened. Don’t judge me and my will to save the animals. Besides, the snake I caught wasn’t poisonous, allegedly.

My advice to anyone, if you spot a snake, run. Don’t be a hero, or attempt to put it into a container to put on your desk to spook your co workers.

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