Today in Tha Wire, first of all Snoop Dogg is a straight up rap legend. He's already solidified himself in the Rap music history books, to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Like Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube, he's far more than a rapper. Uncle Snoop is a brand, has some serious acting chops, plus he's a damn good business man too. Of course he's known as the happy-go-lucky stoner of the rap world. However just because the rap-rasta burns one on the regular, doesn't mean he ain't about his business. Nowadays he's got his own dispensaries for medical and recreational weed. Then in 2015 launched, to drop knowledge on the business and politics side of cannabis sales. Snoop's even got his own Cannabis Encyclopedia!

Aside from that, Snoop has mastered the craft of super stardom. He's done it all when it comes to entertainment from music, movies, reality shows, and more. Over the last couple years he's been getting a ton of TV camera exposure. The Doggfather has quite the personality which is why he and the,"Queen of Living Well," were the perfect match for a TV show. Known as TV's newest Odd Couple, the Long Beach rapper and Martha Stewart, teamed up for Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. It was an instant hit, and already skating through it's second season! 

Peep their funky-fresh TV show full of good eats, good times, and a lot of celebrity guests every Monday on VH1. Below is a look a their first trailer.

Gotta love it! It's clear Snoop has many different sides, to his larger than life personality. Speaking of which the world's about to get acquainted with yet another side..a highly competitive one. Coming soon the music mogul with star in a new Netflix documentary called, Coach Snoop.

Yep! The truth is Snoop Dogg has been coaching for a long time, and as part of giving back to his community has established the Snoop Youth Football League. The rap legend is giving kids hope, by mentoring and coaching one of America's favorite sports. See how Snoops coaching technic has inspired the kids, and ultimatly the directors of his forthcoming documentry.

Watch Coach Snoop, the official trailer below., he mentors and participates , and chronicling his charitable activities with the Snoop Youth Football League

The doc will air 8 episode, chronically the West Coast rap legend as a dad, mentor, and youth football coach. Snoop told AllHipHop, "Music gave me the power to create a football league. But football is taking me to places that music could have never taken me to." Don't miss it! Watch Coach Snoop globally on Netflix, beginning February 2, 2018.

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