People often wonder what I do at the radio station. Well, I am the Brand Manager for two big stations in Lake Charles, one being 107 JAMZ and the other being 92.1 KISS FM! So let me just run down some of the things that I do on my job.First off, I get my day started with a few phone calls from labels and artists promoting their music, followed by a few meetings to discuss plans for the stations. I also do blogs on the website, as you can clearly see, and then I have a couple of conference calls with other Brand Managers within the company. This is all before I go on the air at 2 p.m. Now I have to admit, I love to listen to music and try to check out every CD that comes through my office. Some of you may have a big music collection, but in my office, I have a library of hits!










On any given day, I listen to 30-40 new songs every day.  Some are actual CDs, while others are emailed to me as mp3s. Now, of course, again this is all before 2 p.m., which is when the Afternoon Jumpoff officially kicks off, and I am on the air until 7 p.m. We do a lot of giveaways, take a lot of phone calls and my favorite thing the 5 O'clock Jumpoff , where I get a chance to do my second favorite thing. (The first is another conversation I'm not gonna have here. --LOL.)  After 7 p.m., I am back in my office and back to the grind, where I am back to -- you guessed it -- more music. This is actually the fun time of the day, so if you are an artist and have not heard your music yet, this could be the reason why. I would love to have an assistant, but unfortunately that's not in the budget. Well, let me get back to it and thanks a lot for listening to your number one for hip hop and R&B -- 107 JAMZ!