As soon as the skies begin to darken tonight you will start to hear the occasional pop pop pop of fireworks. By midnight dogs will be cowering under beds and it will sound as if a small scale invasion is taking place in the neighborhood.

It's New Year's Eve and blowing things up is just one way we say out with the old and in with the new. We just don't want you to be out with your old limbs and in with a new prosthetic arm, leg, or fingers. Fireworks can be dangerous and deadly and despite the huge urge to " act the donkey" with them, you have to use common sense.

Follow the manufacturers recommendations, never provide fireworks to young children and never discharge a firework from your hand.

That little does of common sense comes courtesy of the State Fire Marshal's Office and spokesman Brent Thompson.  Thompson told the Louisiana Radio Network that even the least threatening of fireworks can be extremely dangerous.

Sparklers actually burn at temperatures over 1,000 degrees and can cause very serious injury in a millisecond.

Thompson advises parents to supervise their children at all times while fireworks are being used. He also suggests that you only purchase fireworks from a licensed dealer or stand. He reminds you budding young scientist that homemade fireworks can not only cause injury or death, they can land you in jail. The law frowns upon explosives, especially the kind you make in your garage.

Our suggestion is let the professionals handle the fireworks and you just sit back and enjoy the show. It's hard to watch the colors when  you're running for your life.

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