While one of the funniest radio pranksters I know is Rickey Smiley. I remember hearing him back in Alabama when he first got his start on a local radio station in Birmingham. He would eventually go on to do radio commercials for Churches Chicken and so many other businesses until he finally got his own television and radio show. Well we carry The Steve Harvey Show here and Nephew Tommy is no slouch when it comes to getting peoples mornings started off right.


We have carried The Steve Harvey Morning Show for almost 10 years now and from the beginning. It has been a staple on the radio. Nephew Tommy is a very intricate part of the morning show and can have church people using profanity and even the most timid people come out of their shell. Well what happens when Nephew Tommy the self proclaimed king of prank phone calls gets pranked. That's exactly what happened when Steve Harvey called his mom and got things going. Check out the full prank below and be prepared to laugh out of your seat.


Steve Harvey Pranks Nephew Tommy:


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