Steve Harvey’s producers sent us an advanced clip from a show that won’t air until April 24, 2017, where he sends a young man to college.

William Williams made a lasting impression on Steve and others at the annual Disney Dreamers Academy, so much that they made sure his family had money to find a new place to stay and he’s paying for his college education.

The Norfolk, VA. born 16-year-old is legally blind, stemming from being born with albinism. The fair complexion of his skin has caused him to suffer from bullying at school, something he began to experience at the age of 5.

William made the trip to Chicago along with his mother for the taping of the Steve Harvey show on March 23, but had no idea the visit would change their life. Originally Steve gave William $10,000 to use toward his college education, but instead he gave him the money to help fix his families housing issue, because the family recently lost their home. Through the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, William’s college education will be taken care of.

Way to go Steve!

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