We have all heard the saying that Karma is a "B" and regardless of how you look at it. Suge is getting back some of the bullying and trouble that he gave years ago. There have been many speculations on several deaths surrounding him and some of the people that he has done business with. The new Suge Knight is nothing compared to the big gigantic figured man that intimidated so many people back in the day.

What's even more sad is that he has had more chances then some people that we can remember. Whether he has gone to jail and gotten out or gotten probation, he is one lucky guy. There are several theories on the case now. Apparently he was at the "Straight Outta Compton" movie set and some guys ran up on him with weapons. The video shows that one of the individuals were killed and another was badly wounded. Over the past few weeks we have seen Suge with Glasses, really thinning out fron weightloss and being rushed to the hospital with heart issues. This latest video is on another level of how far he will go to secure his innocence.


Suge Knight Rolls Up in Court In A WheelChair:

While every man is innocent until proven guilty, just watching this video does something to me. From Death Row Records beginning in 1992, all we have seen is various disses and threats coming from this man. Even as early as about a month ago, he was throwing shade at Diddy and Drake. Time will tell on what the outcome is, but justice will prevail one way or another.

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