Suge Knight is already in enough trouble.  The ex-Hip Hop mogul has been locked up since February for running over two men in a Compton burger joint parking lot in January. Knight was watching a scene being filmed for the upcoming NWA bio pic, when he got into a confrontation with a few men at Tam's Burger's.  Shortly after the fallout, Knight drove through the parking lot, running over Terry Carter and seriously injuring Cle "Bone" Sloan.

Sealing his fate video of the violent incident has surfaced and word has it, it will be used as evidence in his trial. The former mogul was charged with hit-and-run, murder and attempted murder.  Yet Knight claims he was acting in self defense,claiming he had been attacked and while he was trying to get away, accidentally ran over the two men.

Now TMZ reports Knight is being sued by Terry Carters wife and children in a wrongful lawsuit. The family claims gang-affiliated members were hired by the film makers, while the movie was being filmed in rough L.A. neighborhoods.  According to the suit, the Carter family claims that's what got the altercation kicked off with Suge Knight.  So their may be some proof to back-up Knight;'s story of being in a fight and threatened.

In addition the suing Suge Knight, the Carter is also suing Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Tam’s Burgers. The family claims Cube and Dre are responsible because they hired the gang members and Tam's is a known hot-spot for criminal activity and should've had security on the premises.

So far there's no word on how much the Carter's are suing for, but the suit seeks real and punitive damages for lost love, affection, wages and future earning capacity.  As for Suge Knight, he's be back in court July 7th to face charges for the death of Terry Carter.