Today in Tha Wire move over America's Got Talent and The Voice, there's a new reality show headed to TV looking for the next mega star.   Super producer Timbaland will premiere his new show, The Pop Game, next month on Lifetime.  Like the name says, Tim is on the hunt for America's next Pop superstar, and if anyone can create a star he can.  The legendary producer has had a lot of practice working with the likes of Madonna, Justin Timberlake, to Rihanna and of course the late Aaliyah.

According to reports the contestants have been preselected and cameras will follow them around as Tim helps them and their parent-managers navigate the music industry.  At the end of the day he's going to wanna know what their working with, so he's definitely going to be putting their skills to the test as well.  Only one artist will make the final cut, and be crowned the winner of The Pop Game.  Whoever that is, they will walk away with a record deal to Timbaland's Mosley Music Group label.

The new show has a lot of star power behind it with executive producers Queen Latifah and Jermaine Dupri behind it.  However that's not the only reason Tim decided to do the show.  The music mogul told Billboard Magazine, “Being a mentor is what’s missing in music.“It’s really artist development, and this is part of owning a record label. Now, everything is on the phone and everything is visual so I think this is the new way of showcasing artists. If I show you how the process is done, I think you’ll respect it more.”

Hopefully he'll be able to shed some light on what it really takes to be a singing sensation in today's music world.  Check your local listings for the times and date for Tim's new show.

Meanwhile, as previously reported some of the biggest hits by the late songbird, Aaliyah, popped up online last week. The late singer's highly sought after digital music came out of nowhere on a posthumus album entitled, Ultimate Aaliyah.  Up until last week fans could only stream music from her debut album,  Age Ain't Nothing But a Number.  

When Ultimate Aaliyah popped up last night on iTunes, it started a downloading frenzy sending the album straight to #1!  If you didn't get in on the downloading, you're not going to get another opportunity for a while, because the album was taken down within 24 hours of it 's internet debut.

AllHipHop reports the folks at Craze Productions, who illegally leaked Aaliyah’s music back in 2013 and were sued for doing so, did it again last week.  The question is why do theses people keep getting themselves in legal trouble to release the late singers music? The other question is why in the hell is uncle, Barry Hankerson, or whomever legally owns rights to her music, going out of their way to keep fans from enjoying it?  Apparently those questions have been asked to which reps for her estate, have no comment.

It's pretty crazy isn't it?  Well of course as I learn more I will keep you in the know.  In the meantime, listen to Tha Wire daily to get the scoop on all things entertainment and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.


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