Today in Tha Wire Tamar Braxton had her fans speechless, when the star posted a video shaving all her hair off this week. Granted it was a shock, but not the end of the world. It's actually not unusual for woman to "cut it all off," when going through/coming out of a difficult life journey. A lot of times it's liberating, and quite healing. It gives one a look, but also a new sense of self and purpose. Hell it's also the style! There's a lot woman rockin the bald look, an look damn good doing so too.

I'm sure that's pretty close to the reason Mrs. Braxton felt the need to say goodbye to her locks. Besides when you know who you aren't afraid to do you!

Tamar is claiming her freedom in more ways than one. Of course that didn't stop her fans from being concerned. Rightfully so. Mrs. Braxton's had a lot going on. The star's life has been an open book since 2011, thanks to her popular WeTV reality shows Tamar & Vince, and Braxton Family Values. Sadly Tamar's marriage to Vincent Hebert has been an emotional roller coaster for both of them. The two haven't been on the same page for a while, and constant disagreements brought them both to their limits in 2017. Last season on Tamar & Vince the show ended with the singer getting her own place. Later they both confirmed that it was over, at least for the time being.

I don't think I'm alone in hoping they can somehow work things out, and get back together. Breaking up is damn hard to do. It's never easy, and we've all gone through it a time or two. Wednesday when the songstress has shaved off all her hair, some folks were worried the sista may be having a Brittany moment. Her fans quickly weighed-in, and sent the singing star a few messages to let her know they were with her:

“When A woman is going through it the hair gets cut EVERYTIME,” someone wrote. “It’s like cutting off all the pain.”


"Rock On sister we love you."


“God IS our healer! Next rid yourself of his spirit. Hold on to God he will carry you thru the healing process. If this is part of the separation process then you do you like you always do. Continued blessings from God!”

It's no secret Tamar has been dealing with a lot of pain, not only because of her own separation, but her parents as well. It's hard. Adding more tensions HipHollywood reported that Hebert, allegedly got another woman pregnant. However, that has not been confirmed. Until it has, it's just rumor.

One things for sure Tamar is not giving up, and she let her fans know that she was good. Shortly after getting her new look, the star posted the following pic, along with an explanation to put everyone at ease.

Go gurl! We certainly wish them both the very best. By the way, the season premiere of Braxton Family Values, airs March 22! Don't miss it. Turn into Tha Wire as well and catch the latest entertainment news, twice a day, every weekday exclusively on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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