Since the late 90's one of the best kept secrets of r&b was Tank. The guy is known to charm the ladies, but has just enough swag to make the fellas respect him. He also teamed up with Tyrese and Ginuwine and created a masterpiece in my opinion with the group TGT. Now  the album didn't fair as well as many would have thought, but it was well worth the wait.


Tank took a break from the beefing and issues with TGT and decided to get back on the ball with the solo thing and released his newest album "Sex, Love and Pain 2" featuring plenty of classic joints like "You Don't Know", "#BDAY" and my personal favorite "Relationship Goals"


Tank featuring Yo Gotti- "I Love Ya":

Nice look Tank with the hotties in the videos and a few cameos as well. This album is a little bit of a change from his previous works. He's got more features on this album then any and he has added a little bit of the hip hop element to the album. So make sure you pick it up. I truly feel that it will be what you need right now in your life.

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