This past Saturday was a busy day as we were out and about for the Patriot Grand Prix. This was a wonderful event where proceeds go to area veterans for their accomplishments and service during their time in the military. It was also a great time for us as well. Over the past couple of weeks, we solicited listeners to qualify for their chance to represent 107 Jamz in the Patriot Grand Prix. A couple of years ago Big Boy Chill and I had the opportunity to get in the race and when I tell you it was a rush. There is no other feeling to describe it.

Our lucky participant for this year was Carmeletta Joseph. She is a local educator and author of 3 books that are currently on the market and discusses the trauma of being in an abusive relationship. When I tell you she came to play this weekend. She showed up and showed out. Carmeletta raced for Mcdonalds who I later found out had some serious speed in their car. It started off a little slow and you could tell that Carmeletta was a little nervous, but she ended it like a champ.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

We didn't win the race, but the fun and outcome were fantastic. The day was beautiful with great weather and having support from the community was something that was needed. Thanks to Thom Hager and all of the sponsors for putting on such a great event. Special thanks to Carmeletta Joseph and the family for representing us and coming out to offer their support as well.


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