Before it's all said and done, a billion dollars will be paid out thanks to the now infamous bar fight between Drake and Chris Brown. 


NBA baller Tony Parker has already sued Club W.I.P, where it happened, to the tune of 20 million after getting shards of glass in his eye.  His injury was substantial enough to keep him from playing for his native country, France in the Olympics.  Now, the club is returning the favor and suing Drake and Chris Brown for gross negligence, ultra-hazardous activity, intentional illegal acts and more.  Get more details below with Tha Wire.



In other news, Jay-Z is the man in charge when it comes to re-engineering the NBA's Brooklyn Nets.  Jay has single handedly designed the teams entire image.  From the teams logo to the color scheme of their uniforms, down to the music that's played in the arena.  Talk about hands on.  Believe it or not, Jay only owns a small fraction of the team.  So, why is he doing so much work?  I got all the answers.  Listen to Tha Wire below for all the details.


Meanwhile, Joe Jackson filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Conrad Murray shortly after Michael Jackson died because of his negligence.  Mr. Jackson, was suing for an unspecified damages and a jury trial.  However, things have changed and I got all the details.

Drew Brees, his wife Britney and son Bowen-getty images

Finally, Drew Brees and his wife have a new addition to the family.  The happy couple already had two boys 3-year old Baylen and 15 month old Bowen.  Get the scoop on their newest edition and learn more about all of the above now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: 

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