This past weekend Lake Charles was possibly the most lit up that it's ever been. I had a chance to experience something called The Color Vibe 5K Run. I may be a little behind the time, but this was my first time hearing about the event. And man when I tell you I had a blast, this was something that I have never seen before in the area.


The music was executed properly by DJ Tantrum who kept energy going for all of the runners and walkers who participate. What made it so fun was that it involved the entire families and there were no age limits. The Color Vibe 5 K is a non profit organization who links up with various charities in specific cities. My sister station 92.1 Kiss fm and personality Emily J were the official station, so I had to go and check it out. What was funny is that I had a remote later that day, and was already dressed in my 107 Jamz gear. It was very hard to try not to get to much of the paint on me, but it was wild out there. Check out some of the pictures below of those who came out for the event.


I hope to be able to really participate on next year as this was a great event and to see hundreds of people come out from all over to participate was great to see. Be on the lookout as they are going all over the world and doing great things in the communities.

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