The Game and Nipsey Hussle have geared up for war on their brand new bangers from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands video game soundtrack. The Game delivers "What Else" and Nipsey "Grindin."

The Game's "What Else" captures the rapper spitting about gathering his team preparing for whatever war may be coming his way. Nipsey's "Grinding" catches him reiterating the fact that he has been grinding and getting to it all his life.

"I'm married to this game, that's who I made my wife/Said I'll die alone I told that bitch she probably right," Nipsey raps his opening verse. "One thing thats for sure, not a stranger to this life/Got a safe that's full of Franklin's and a shoulder full of stripes/Don't know a nigga like myself/I said self-made meaning I designed myself."

“In this moment, I race my fears/Only time for action, no time for tears,” The Game raps on his track. “All these years been preparing for right now/When they see the AK barrel they pipe down/White sheets and night gowns, sniffling blood hounds/Soldier, swallow my own sweat and won’t drown/My squad is thorough, my infantry fit for it/Scars on faces, long way from a ghetto boy/I’m built for this, I kill for this/Put everything on the line, blood spilt for this/They consider it manners, grew up a ignorant bastard/If it wasn't ‘bout a gun, I was skipping them classes.”

Check out both of the records below.

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