I remember watching the The The Golden Girls with my grandmother growing up. I picked up the rest of it during the beginning of the pandemic last year, but ran out of time to finish it. For die-hard fans of the show, you can still catch it on Amazon to rent, but let's be honest, we aren't about to do that on the regular.

Disney has announced it will be adding the NBC show for its 90 million plus subscribers to enjoy this summer. Subscribers will be able to watch every episode once it becomes available on the streaming service. The addition of the ladies we all grew up loving is part of a sub-service Disney is adding called Star. 

Of course, with the addition of a new service, the price will go up if you choose to get it. However, the shows being brought to it will take you back. Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and The X-Files are coming along with the girls.

Of course, Disney will be cutting a few breaks if you do the whole year subscription thing versus month to month. Now we all have a reason to keep our subscription.

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