Today in Tha Wire, it's a sad day for the Braxton family as they learn her untimely death was preventable. No parent wants to bury their child, and nearly every parent has fears of their child doing drugs. Tragically that appears to be the case surrounding the sudden death of Lauren Braxton.

TMZ initially broke the story and reported that the gorgeous 24 -year was discovered by a friend on the floor in her kitchen on Monday April 29, 2019. Lauren was the daughter of the Braxton only male sibling Michael Braxton. E! News obtained the incident report and it disclosed the witness called 911 and said they found Lauren on the floor and she was unresponsive. Dispatch sent the fire department and EMS to the scene, however it was to late. In spite of several attempts to revive her, their medical efforts could not bring her back and she was pronounced dead at 12:44 pm.

Given the manner of her death a toxicology test was done to learn what happened to the young woman. Today Entertainment News reports the Maryland medical examiner's office finished their examination and test results are in. The autopsy report revealed that the cause of death was a combination of heroin overdose and fentanyl intoxication. The exact manner of digestion or use is still undetermined.

This is especially devastating news because Lauren Braxton did not have to die. Even more tragic is the fact that these type of overdose deaths are on the rise particularly in the Black community. In a report issued by The Washington Post in March this year, a new study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported
synthetic opioid fentanyl is the leading cause of fatal drug overdoses across racial and social lines in the United States. The sharpest increase of heroin and fentanyl related deaths they see among demographic groups is in African Americans.

Robert Anderson, Chief of the CDC’s Mortality Statistics Branch said of this crisis, “We’re seeing it across the board.” That deadly opioids are increasingly taking the lives of urban drug users. Fentanyl is the main factor in the recent rise in death rates across U.S. demographic groups and the drop in life expectancy. KPLC TV reported in January that the Calcasieu Parish Coroners Office reports that SWLA is not immune to this epidemic, and that they too are seeing an increase of these overdoses here at home as well.

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