The past few days have been kind of hard around here. On last Thursday June 12, the night before Friday the 13th of all days. We had a pretty bad storm to hit the area. In radio that is generally something we hate to see. While it wasn't alot of water damage, the lightning that hit the area struck some of the satellites here at the station.

One of those hit was that of the Steve Harvey Morning Show. That of course meant that we were without the show on Friday, Saturday and unfortunately Monday. Well today with the power of technology we got the show back. The only downside was we had to air a show from last week. It wouldn't have been to bad if it weren't for a few Fathers Day mentions, lol! Tomorrow we should be back on track with a new show, we can only imagine what we have missed and with the release of 'Think Like A Man Too' hitting theatres this Friday, I am sure some of the cast members will be stopping by. I figured while I was here this morning running the show, I would give you guys a personal message and thank you for sticking with us!

Erik Tee Informs Listeners That All is Well With The Steve Harvey Morning Show: