Out between Bogalusa and Baton Rouge is Amite City, Heart of the Louisiana Strawberry farm country. And the strawberries are looking good for this year in spite of unseasonable weather events..

The LSU Ag center is optimistic about this springs strawberry crop.  During the past growing season we’ve had floods, freezes and tornado-force icy winds but farmers are cheerful.  Most growers use various types of cloth covers to protect the strawberry plants  so get ready to melt some chocolate and get to dipping!  The Louisiana strawberry industry is worth about $15 million dollars per year.

In addition to being tasty covered in chocolate, (my fave)  they're also a pretty popular ingredient for daiquiris and martinis, shortcakes and so on.  But there are other health benefits as well if by now you're still on your New Year's plan to get in shape for summer.

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Strawberries are antioxidants, and contain a number of valuable nutrients, minerals and vitamins that contribute to overall health.  They're extremely high in vitamin C, which many believe to help ward off colds and other maladies.

So, I'll have a round of strawberries please for good health, dipped in chocolate of course.

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