This morning was bitter-sweet. My co-workers Erik Tee, DJ Ty Ski and I, went out to the Stroll & Roll Safe Sleep Awareness Walk this morning (Saturday May 30).  The “sweet” part is, the turn out was wonderful.  I definitely can see this walk getting bigger and bigger every year.  The “bitter” part, is that many who turned out lost a child either to a sleeping accident or some other tragic event.

Gina Cook and DJ Ty Ski

As previously reported by Erik Tee, the walk was in loving memory of 6 month old Kaden Reed.  Little Kaden died in the care of a babysitter after being to put down for a nap.  Because he was not put in a crib, he managed to get himself lodged between a wall and bed and he suffocated and died.  As a mother, I just can’t imagine that kind of loss.  But sadly, it happens everyday.

Arica Reed and Gina Cook

Eric and Arica Reed, Kaden’s parents, don’t want any parent to get the call they got on April 1, 2014.  Somehow Arica Reed turned her pain into inspiration and decided to organize the Stroll and Roll Safe Sleep Awareness Walk, in conjunction with the United Way of SWLA, as a way to speak-out and honor her young son’s life.  Several hundred came out for the walk and signed-up to participate in good cause.  All proceeds went towards the purchase of cribs for mothers and families in need.

It was good to see so many people come out and support such a wonderful event.  Are continued prayers go out to the Reed family and others who’ve suffered the loss a child. We truly hope time and the Lords grace will help heal your pain.  Once again special thanks goes out to everyone who came out and participated and a big shout-out to our very own DJ Ty Ski for keeping the music rolling!