As I mentioned earlier in my post. The world is still reeling at the effects of the Orlando Club shooting over the weekend. There are to many people that have lost their lives due to the hatred that an individual has over someone else. Well locally there is a group who is paying homage in their own special way to those whose lives were lost.

Lake Charles Pride will hold a candlelight vigil at 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Lake Charles Civic Center for victims of the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning.

The LGBTQ organization made an official statement today, June 13th, saying:

Lake Charles Pride would first and foremost like to extend our deepest sympathy to the victims of this horrific tragedy, as well as their families. The deplorable act was an inexcusable attack on our freedom, our rights as individuals, and our very humanity. The use of violence in the name of hatred and prejudice is meant to intimidate, but we must not allow such actions to instill fear and terror into our hearts. This is not solely an LGBTQ issue, or even and American issue, but rather it is a human issue. Let us use this terrible event to remind us of what we all have in common as people, and to come together in solidarity to love and support one another in the time of sorrow


Regardless of your nationality or sexual orientation, there is no need for anyones life to be lost over things like this. While the weather is a little sketchy at the moment with showers coming in. The planned Vigil is still planned for this evening. If things should change, I will let you know and keep things updated. But if there is more information that you may need all you have to do is visit the Lake Charles Pride Facebook page.

[via Lake Charles Pride]