When I saw this hilarious video, I couldn't help but to go back to the time my wife and I took a cruise and stopped on Roatan Island. When I tell you this was a beautiful place, it is still etched into my mind, and this was over ten years ago.

As a matter of fact, we met a lot of really cool people on the trip and we got to enjoy a performance with Keith Frank and The Soileau Zydeco Band, as well. I understand this guy's pain because it was truly hard for me to go through with it.

Check out the video and I'll tell you a little bit of my story.

Now, to get to my zip lining story. We decided to go on a little tour of Roatan Island with a few others from the cruise ship. The entire day was nice, we got to meet folks from the area, and tried some of the food from there, as well. One of the ladies in our group saw that they were doing zip lining close by and asked if we wanted to go. I should have said no when her sister said that she wasn't going to do it.

However, my wife wanted to go and that meant that I was outnumbered. When you're walking up to the site and looking at it from the ground, it doesn't look too bad. But when I got up there, it was like my stomach dropped. First of all, I am not a fan of heights, and I'm not a small guy, so I was wondering if this thing could hold me. The guys who were assisting us were really helpful, but they were showing me up by doing all kinds of tricks.

Erik Tee's Zip Lining Trip

Finally, I got my composure together and decided to do it. I will admit I stalled a few times, but I finally finished it. I have told my wife to never ask me to do it again, and the guys even said it might not be a good idea! Who knows what the future could hold. I might get the nerve up to do it again, but that was enough for me at that moment.

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