Divorce lawyers for multi-platinum music producer and singer Timbaland want to collect on what they’re owed, and it’s almost half a million dollars!

According to AllHipHop, lien has been issued against his Florida manison for failure to pay the lawyers for their services. The home his currently for sale.

Back in 2013 Timbaland, real name Timothy Zachery Mosley, and his wife Monique Mosley called it quits after she filed for divorce. The couple had only been married 5 years, which produced their 9-year-old daughter Reign.

The couple reconciled in 2014 ending the petition for divorce, but in 2015 Monique filed papers again. After lots of back-and-forth over alimony and child support, the lawyers bill has reportedly tallied up to $440,000 plus interest.

The lawyers claim they haven’t been paid since then began working for Timbaland from September 2015 and November 2016.

Dang Tim, you gotta pay those folks their bread homie! Is he still divorcing his wife, or nah? *shrugs*

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