Too Short is being accused of rape by a woman who is a former protégée of the Bay Area rap legend. He’s currently under investigation by law enforcement.

According to TMZ, the “Blow the Whistle” rapper worked with the woman in the past on “videos and other projects.” The woman claims while in L.A., on November 1, Too Short allegedly sexually attacked her. She also told cops she was a virgin and that her provocative videos weren’t suggestive of any form of consent, said the news blog.

The alleged victim has recently come forward with the allegations after months since the incident allegedly took place.

TMZ says sources from Short’s camp "insists he never had sexual contact with the alleged victim.” The woman was reportedly dropped from the label and “subsequently” attempted to get back on the label. They seem to think she’s concocting the allegations in order to extort the legendary rapper.

Too Short has yet to respond or contact police.

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