As Black History Month comes to a close, here's a look at the Top 10 Best Inventions by African Americans.  Life is easier and my enjoyable with these great inventions. In fact many of them have changed the world.  Know that each time you use them, you are celebrating Black History!

Though African Americans have invented thousands of devices for our enjoyment over the past 100 to 200 years, below is a small list of inventions that we use everyday.  Enjoy!

1.) Home-Video Gaming Console

American electronic engineer Gerald A. Lawson is best known for inventing the Modern Home-Video Gaming Console.

2.) 3-D Graphics Technology Used in Movies

Chicago-native and computer scientist, Marc Hannah, is not only one of the founders of the software firm Silicon Graphics (now SGI), but the special-effects genius developed   the 3-D graphics technology used in movies.

3.) Blood Bank

Thanks to his research of blood transfusions, Charles Richard Drew, development an improved way to store blood. From this knowledge Drew invented large-scale blood banks in World War II and his invention saved thousands of lives.  He would direct all blood plasma programs of the U.S. and Great Britain during World War II, but later resigned when he learned the blood of African-Americans would be segregated.

4.) Modern Day Elevator

Alexander Miles did not invent the first elevator.  He created a better one.  He improved the invention by inventing the automatic mechanism that opens and closes elevator doors. In addition, he developed the closing of the elevator shaft when an elevator was not positioned at a floor. ause they still work under the basic principle of automated opening and closing doors

5.) DryBath

Ludwick Marishane was only 21-years old changed the world when he developed a formula that would allow people to bathe without water. He created DryBath, which is a lotion that cleans and moisturized the skin.  His invention is odorless and even creates a antibacterial, biodegradable film on the body while in use. For his invention he was named Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011.

6.) Potato Chips

Chef George Crum made the potato chip on accident in 1853.  Crum was workingat a resort in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. when a customer complained about his french fries.  He sent them back to the kitchen, saying they were mushy and too thick.  Upset, crum cut up some potato as then as he could and fried them till they were crispy and sent them out after dashing them with salt.  The result was the delicious snack we know today as the potato chip.

7. & 8.) The Traffic Light and Gas Mask

Garrett A. Morgan invented the traffic light after witnessing an accident on a roadway.  His device would keep cars, buggies and pedestrians from colliding. Later known as the traffic signal, Morgans design was situated on a street corner.  He would also receive a patent for the first gas mask invention in 1914.  No one took the invention seriously until two years later, when he and a team of men rescued a crew of workers who got stuck in an underground tunnel after an explosion.

9.) Cataract Laserphaco Probe

Dr. Patricia Bath invented an innovative method of removing cataract lenses for the eye with a laser.  This invention was patented in 1988 and ever since then has helped save or restore the eyesight of millions.

10.) Home Security and Surveillance System

African-American inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown, and her husband Albert Brown, invented the closed-circuit television security system in 1966.  This invention opened the the for today's modern home security system.

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