Travis Scott is still dodging responsibility for the reported paralyzation of one of his fans at an April 2017 show at Terminal 5 in New York. The Astroworld rapper has filed a lawsuit alleging recklessness by venue management and security guards contributed to the fan's injuries, The Blast reports.

Kyle Green, the fan in question, sued Scott last year after he dropped from a balcony during the concert. He told the New York Post at the time that Scott egged fans to jump from balconies and directed security to carry him on stage after his fall.

"I fell and hit the floor. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by security guards, who scooped me up. Travis Scott was yelling at his security guards to bring me to the stage," Green said. "They didn’t put a backboard or a neck brace on me or anything, they just kinda lifted me up and pulled me around."

Scott's spokesperson responded that the rapper only encouraged fans to leap from the second-floor balcony, not the third-floor balcony, from which Green fell.

Green said the incident left him with a fractured vertebrae, broken left wrist, fractured right ankle and a ring that Scott gifted him on stage. He claimed to be paralyzed on his left side, wheelchair-bound and living with family in Dutchess County, N.Y. after the injuries forced him to drop out of the Fashion Institute of Technology and leave his apartment in Brooklyn.

The fan's lawsuit also claimed the venue and security guards failed to adequately prepare for Scott's performance given he "had incited mayhem and chaos at prior events," according to the Post.

Scott's countersuit reportedly denies any responsibility for Green's injuries and names The Bowery Presents, which manages Terminal 5, and Strike Force Protective Services, which provided the show's security, as liable for the fan's paralyzation.

The rapper, whose concerts are notoriously wild, was arrested last year for inciting a riot at a different concert, for which he pleaded not guilty. The case was dismissed in February. Scott's latest album Astroworld dropped on Friday (Aug. 3).

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