Dr. King had A Dream that this nation would live up to it's creed. Friday August 28, 2021 is a day of for the nation to come together with one a unified voice and say to Congress, it is time to secure America's most sacred freedom...the right to vote. The Black Eagle Joe Madison and R&B legend/radio personality Al B Sure will host the March On For Voting Rights event in Washington DC.

Without federal voting rights legislation in place, there is nothing to stop Republican voter suppression, intimidation and racial disenfranchisement. The evidence of voter restrictions mostly in against people of color, is not only un-American it is an absolute abuse of power using extreme bias. Blatant widespread voting restrictions, is occurring now in several states run by Republicans who are out to control the outcome of elections. Despite the constant lying about the 2020 elections somehow being stolen, more than 60 courts around the nation struck down that notion down in courts there has been zero proof of election fraud took place.

These shameful acts by Republican elected officials will hopefully encourage 10 million more people, to vote. These same elected law makers claim they love America, but doing all they can to sow doubt in our Democracy. This despicable behavior also flies in the face of what we say we are as a nations: A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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