I will be the first to say we didn't have music of a winter. There were honestly more warm days than cold to me, and I low-key envied those who received snow over the holidays. But with the recent tragedy in Dallas with at least five people being killed because of hazardous road conditions, I felt it was important to get some of my friends in to talk about what we can do with the promise of similar weather coming.

Trooper Derek Senegal came to the show to talk about their preparations for helping those in need over the weekend into Monday and possibly Tuesday. However, he was pretty adamant about not being on the road if you don't have to be.

Check out the interview below. Hopefully, we'll answer any questions you may have during the conversation.

Be safe out there this weekend and make sure to get whatever you need now so you won't need to the leave the house later. While the weather may be lightweight to those who get snow, sleet, or icy roads on the regular, this is not a common occurrence for us. Keep it locked as well to 107 Jamz and download our app for alerts as updates come.

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