Mannie Fresh, Turk, Juvenile (Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for BMI)
Mannie Fresh, Turk, Juvenile (Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for BMI)

Allhiphop reports Turk won his lawsuit against Cash Money Records.   As previously reported Weezy wasn't the only one suing in Birdman & Slim for royalties and rights to his music.  Turk's suit also included $1.3 million in damages and it looks like the judge over the case, is seeing things his way.  

Turk turned around and filed a default motion last month, when Cash Money failed to respond to his lawsuit by the extended deadline.  A Louisiana U.S. District Court judge granted Turk the default motion. The only thing left is for him to do is decide how much money to order, Cash Money and its publishing wing Money Mack, to pay Turk.

Peep the video below as Turk explains his suit to the Breakfast Club crew:

In other news, as former Roc-A-Fella mogul Dame Dash celebrated his birthday over the weekend, Allhiphop reports a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  For what?  Child support.  Apparently Dash is on the hook for more than $350, 000 in back-pay to his ex-wife Rachel Roy, who recently won full custody of their two children.  It looks like he's gonna face at least six months in jail if he doesn't pay-up.  For more details see the video below.

Finally according to CNN News, some fans here and especially in the Philippines are calling for a Mayweather/ Pacquiao rematch. The question is, will it happen?  More than likely NOT.  The truth, there's no need for one. Mayweather won the fight period.  At 48-0 he has nothing left to prove.  Though money can change things and ANYTHING is possible, Mayweather's money is going to outlive him.  

So, if that is the only "sell" to get em' in the ring with Pacquiao, it's doubtful that a rematch will happen.  Now sitting at 48-0, Money May has nothing left to prove and is expected to retire in September after his last fight.  Who the opponent though?  Keep you posted on that one.

In the meantime, though Mayweather clearly won the fight, Manny has a lot to be proud of. His fans and country has his back.  As a matter of fact the Philippine President, Benigno Aquino III, wanted him to know just how much and issued a statement Monday (May 5) via his press spokesman, Herminio Coloma, Jr., thanking the "Pacman" for his efforts:

"Filipinos can hold their heads up high... Pacquiao did us all proud when he stood his ground against one of the best boxers of our time, Floyd Mayweather," Coloma said the President also thanked Pacquiao "for serving as an inspiration to every Filipino in overcoming the daily challenges in the pursuit of a better life and future.

"He is a worthy exemplar that the Filipino is able to compete in the global arena -- for as long as there is a level playing field."

By the way, Coloma's statement alluded the possibility of Manny retiring too.  He said, "Hopefully, Manny may now be able to devote more time with his family and that he is able to maintain good health that will serve him in good stead in all his future endeavors."

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