Tyler Perry is just plain old sick and tired of bootleggers.

Tyler Perry
Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Tyler Perry is fed up with bootleggers who purchase his reasonably priced tickets to his stage plays and resell them online for very inflated prices. So much that Perry decided to cancel the remainder of his shows that listed more than 30 cities left on the "Madea Gets a Job" tour. On his website Monday, Perry announced he is cancelling his remaining live performances due to the inflated tickets prices that sometimes are two to three times the face value, according to Perry.

In a statement Tyler Perry said:

"I set a ticket price for the show starting at $25. So that everyone could get a chance to come out and see the show."

Perry also made a YouTube video dressed as his Madea character warning consumers not to fall for inflated tickets prices. Perry also warned people about promoters and advertisers who claim to have tickets to meet and greet parties that he has no affiliation with. Check out the video for more on Tyler Perry's frustrations with bootleggers and the cancellation of the "Madea Gets a Job" tour.



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