Today in Tha Wire I don't know about you, but when i think about Nick Cannon I don't think of him being as being political or controversial.  I think of Cannon being the happy go-lucky actor/comedian/host he's always been.  He's a jokester and always wears a smile on his face.  However over the last year, his persona is starting to change.

If you follow the actor on social media, you know what I'm talking about.  In fact he sat down with CNN to talk about why he's starting to take on a more "public" stance, when it comes to politics, racial issues and various injustices to here in the U.S.  The actor has publicly given his support to the Black Lives Matter movement, his opinion on the 2016 election and more, through spoken word and poems uploaded to his social media sites.

As of late, Cannon has become very vocal, even leading various protests and uploading. He is letting it all hang out, hitting some nerves along the way.  Good, bad or indifferent. His vlogs or blogs are hella funny though!  He's also making some very good points as well.  Case and point....

So what's his deal and why now?    Has he lost his mind or did he wake up?  Peep the video below, as Cannon sits down with CNN's Sandra Gonzalez to explain where he's coming from:

I don't necessarily agree with everything he said, but at the same time, I don't have a problem with him taking a stand.  Of course my take on the situation doesn't matter. However the folks at NBC allegedly were feeling some type of way.  Whether they told him directly or indirectly the execs especially had a problem, with what he said on his SHOWTIME comedy special Don't Shoot.

I can definitely see why they were taken back, because Cannon's comedy is pretty gritty on the special.  He was no-holds-bar as far as what's been on his mind and "went in" on a number of sensitive topics.  Listen to his interview with Don Lemon.

Cannon's SHOWTIME special Don't Shoot, premiered last month.  Since then, he says things haven't been the same for him on the set of, America's Got Talent.  According to Nick, the execs at NBC was livid about his jokes.  He took to Facebook and this is what he wrote:

There it is.  He's talented and certainly not broke, so I am sure he's gonna have another show popping real soon.  In the meantime, catch ya boy on his vlogs!

As far as NBC and America's Got Talent, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, tweeted they've already got a new host!

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