In a video posted to his Facebook account, actor/singer Tyrese is seen crying and twerking in the kitchen while he prepares breakfast in bed for his wife, and professing his love of "Cup Noodles." I'm not making this up.

We gathered from the video that the Fast & Furious franchise star's personal chef, Chef Franco Forbes, was out for the day due to what he described as a "medial crisis". Tyrese became very emotional as he explained his chef's absence, citing how he went five days in pain, privately, to make sure they were fed. Sounds like a good man.

Of course, there's more in the video, even up to the point where he's twerking on his way to the room with the food. It's entertaining, to say the least, but still not funny to me. As not only a fan, and an African American male, I'm concerned about Tyrese. I cannot pretend to know what's going on with him outside of what we see online, In my opinion, there's more going on with him.

Some are even going as far to speculate that he's simply acting to get what he wants. I hope that's not the case.

Don't judge him, pray for Tyrese.

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