As the President works to tighten gun laws here in the U.S., the unthinkable happens, another shooting occurred on a school campus yesterday.  Thankfully, it wasn't on the caliber of the past manicures.


Investigators say a fight broke out between two people at around noon on the campus of Lone Star College in North Houston.  The fight ended in gunfire and as a result the shooter and two other people were wounded.

Police said 22-year-old Carlton Berry was charged late Tuesday in the shootings at Lone Star College near Houston that left him and two others wounded.  The shooting resulted in a lock-down and eventual evacuation of the campus.

Spokesman Alan Bernstein of the Harris County Sheriff's Office said Berry has been charged with aggravated assault but remains hospitalized with wounds suffered in the shooting.  Two other people were hospitalized, including a maintenance worker caught in the crossfire and one other man who authorities believe were involved in the gunfire.  Their condition has not been disclosed.


The shooting last month at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., heightened security concerns at campuses across the country and have finally prompted serious talk about imposing stronger gun laws.  In the meantime, Texas has several school districts that have either implemented or are considering a plan to allow faculty to carry guns on campus.  While guns are not allowed on college campuses, the Texas Legislature this year might debate a bill that would allow them.

None the less, the chancellor of the Lone Star College System Richard Carpenter, said their campus is not only a gun-free zone, but it "has been safe for 40 years."

The campus reopened late Tuesday afternoon and all classes expected to resume today as scheduled.