Don't forget to watch American Idol and vote for Joshua Ledet tonight.  I know he's gonna set it off tonight, so let's make sure we send him through!  Alright, I've got some info for all of you. 

Every week I try and have a member of his family or a close family friend come into the studio and fill us in on what his hometown Westlake, is doing to aid Joshua on his journey.  Today Sharmita Rideau, Joshua's first cousin, came in to give me the scoop on what's happening at the Multipurpose center, how and where you can get your Joshua Ledet T-Shirts and more.

Here's the scoop! 

Once again, make sure you watch American Idol and vote for Joshua tonight.  If you're planing on attending the event in Westlake it starts at 5 p.m.  If you want a Joshua Ledet T-Shirt go to