There has been a lot of time spent on the way professional sports players are paying or not paying respect to the American flag. I honestly feel that there are some who are twisting things up and not recognizing why there are players who are kneeling for the flag rather than standing with their hands across their chest like normal.

Yesterday, the Vice President of the United States went to the Colts game against the 49ers, and left when he saw players from San Francisco kneeling. This was apparently a request from President Trump, who asked that he leave if he felt the flag was being disrespected. This tugged at the petty heart of Charlamagne Tha God to give him the honorable mention of Donkey Of The Day. Check out the clip below.

There are very pressing issues that need to be addressed rather than having weeks and weeks of discussion talking about the flag. There are those of us who hear what it's said to stand for, but unfortunately, when we watch the news it doesn't show as much. We are having people lose their homes due to hurricanes, and lose their lives at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us. At the end of the day, you have the right to stand or not during the national anthem, but there are those who only agree with one way.

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