I love the commentary on Undisputed between hosts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless as they not only talk sports, but they also touch on relevant conversations within the world. After recent comments from New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, there was plenty to talk about as both of the hosts gave their two cents about the comments.

However, Shannon Sharpe let it be known how upset he really was and even recommended retirement for the New Orleans "Saint". Since then, Drew has released several apologies and even tagged President Trump in his response of understanding how his words were hurtful and, to some, misunderstood.

Over the weekend, there was a conversation between Drew Brees and Shannon Sharpe which Shannon discussed on this morning's show. Check out how Shannon described their dialogue.

The climate is hot right now and the saying you're either with us or against us is more relevant then ever. While I am not a huge football fan, when it comes to Louisiana, you can't talk football without mentioning the Saints. The people here have love for Drew Brees who has brought us a Superbowl and, honestly, has invested plenty into the communities. So when he said he didn't support kneeling to the flag, there was a bad taste left in many people's mouths pertaining to him.

I don't know how things will play out. However, when it comes to doing something wrong and trying to right the situation, there is always proof in your actions. If a person talks about change and wanting to understand what is going on, then we have to see investments into organizations who are fighting for equality and understanding of why we kneel. I would hope this would spearhead a change in many who are so quick to use the "All Lives Matter" rebuttal and racism as a whole. This is a start. Where will things go from here?

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