Today in Tha Wire last year in October TMZ reported a woman by the name of Keiotia Watson, filed a paternity and child support lawsuit against Lil Wayne. According to her they had a sexual relationship back in 2001, which resulted in her getting pregnant. In the court docs Watson claimed her initial lawsuit was established in 2015, where a  judge in Louisiana actually ruled in her favor. This is reportedly because Lil Wayne was a no-show in court. So the judge ruled the rap legend would have to shell-out $5 grand a month in support, and cover the 15-year olds health insurance.

Not really sure why she waited so long to file a paternity suit, but Weezy never paid a dime. So Watson filed a second suit in October 2017. This time she got the Young Money mogul's attention. AllHipHop reports Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, was never served with legal papers nor notified he was the legal the father of the teen. By the way Watson's son, Dwayne Brown, was reportedly born February 2002, and she named him.. Dwayne.

Lil Tunechi is already a father of 4 children, with 4 different baby mamas. He has 3 sons, and 1 daughter. He says there's no way the kid is his son, because he never had sex with the woman. Weezy's camp is saying Watson's got life twisted. Well, clearly she doesn't think so. In her lawsuit docs she even accused Wayne of missing their son's 15 important birthdays.

Somewhere around the same time, Wayne signed a declaration denying her claims and stated, “I did not engage in a sexual relationship with Keiotia Watson in June of 2001 or at any other time.... I do not believe it is possible that I am the biological father of Dwayne Brown. I have never acknowledged Dwayne Brown as my son, nor was I ever made aware of his birth until I was served with the petition” which was filed in August.

He followed up with saying, “I am the loving father of four (4) children, all of whom I provided support for since birth. Up until now, I have never been involved in a child support case." Apparently his now! AllHipHop reports the rap legend is demanding a paternity test be taken, and asking the court to hold off a ruling on child support until the results are in.

From the looks of things, the proceedings are going to go quick. It's being reported that the judge over the case has already set a date for the next hearing to take place next month. Miss Watson has been notified, and ordered to appear.

That's about the size of things for now. We will keep you posted on any new developments. Get your daily dose of entertainment news with Tha Wire, exclusively on The People's Station 107 Jamz.



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