Wendy Williams is known for speaking down on people and  really picking some people apart. The sad part about it is that she has the microphone and the following and the people whose case she is usually getting on is not in a fair predicament. If they do speak on it, then they somehow take on the bully role of the innocent Wendy Williams.

Well since emotions are extra high right now with all that is going on in the world and the two recent killings that happened in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. She decided to give here unwarranted views on the Jesse Williams speech from BET and was slightly misinformed on some of the things she was discussing. Check out her clip of what she had to say during her show.


Wendy Williams Shows her ignorance:

One of my favorite people on television right now is Roland Martin. He roasted Snoop Dogg when he denounced the remake of "Roots" and now he is coming the the neck of Wendy Williams. Some may feel like he is a little harsh, but he is known for keeping it real and did that and more in under 4 minutes.

Roland Martin Roasts Wendy Williams:

Roland Martin Disses Snoop Dogg on "Roots" boycott


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