West Cal-Cam Hospital(WCCH) officials are sounding the alarm as the hospital swells to capacity. COVID is out of control in SWLA and for some bizarre reason, some people wont take it seriously. The lack of concern is not only proving to be a deadly mistake, but due to the massive amount of people getting sick at the same time our hospitals are all near capacity with severely ill patients.

First it was Memorial Hospital medical team and administration, now it's the Doctors, nurses and hospital staff at WCCH saying enough is enough. WCCH tells KPLC that the hospital has seen a 100% increase in hospitalizations in the past two weeks. They want to alert the public and let everyone, this magnitude of patients is putting a horrific strain on the entire hospital system and more importantly the medical staff.

Thursday August 19 WCCH medical team is hosting a new conference at 12 noon to bring about awareness of COVID-19 and encourage everyone to do their part. This will be a no-holds-bar report on the critical levels the hospital is currently operating at, what the community needs to understand about how dangers of COVID and the devastating impact it is having on SWLA residents.

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