Today in Tha Wire, say it ain't so.  Maybe this is #alternativefacts...but Stacey Dash was fired from FOX News!  One things for wasn't because she was black.  According to reports the controversial news network decided not to renew her contract last Fall, but officially announced they were parting ways over the weekend.  The 50-year old Clueless actress has been off the air since September 2016.

In 2015, she was suspended by the network for cussing on-air, during one of her many rants about President Barack Obama.  See the video below where Dash is blasting the President's speech on ISIS and how she felt he wasn't concerned.

Ever since the formerly black female announced she was voting the Romney-Ryan ticket in 2012, Dash has made it a point to distance herself...from herself.  Which more than likely got her a job on FOX News in 2014.  Little did she know, she was the news.  Afterall it's not everyday you see an African American, openly bashing everything African American. It makes good TV for some.  Dash was constantly dissing the POTUS, saying ignorant things like, "we don't need BET" or "there's no need for Image awards and black TV shows."  The truly CLUELESS former actress slammed black and white actors and actresses, for boycotting the Oscars over their all-white nominations.

BET fired back, "Sooooo Stacey Dash can we get our check back....or nah?"  The Urban network was referring to Dash having a recurring role on the hit show The Game and her audacity to say they don't need to be on the air.  The ipiteome of self-hate, Dash is constantly creating controversy with anti-black, immigrant statements, and transgender bashing.  Her Twitter blogs are just as bad, if not worse.  She's always airing her bizarre conservative views, offering twisted cultural analysis and giving down-right shocking commentary on a daily basis.

Now she's being straight-up dragged on all the popular social media sites, including her beloved Twitter.  Thousands are finding great satisfaction about her recent unemployment.  Peep some of the memes below:

Gotta love it!  Dash has been surprisingly quiet since FOX announced they were giving her the boot.  I'll keep you posted if anything changes.  Listen up to Tha Wire every weekday and on the People's Station 107 Jamz.

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