They say that  'no man is an island,' and if you meet the family of 'American Idol' contestant Joshua Ledet, you'll realize that he's got a whole continent to himself.  Josh is one of eight brothers and sisters, so this question comes up quite often -- can they all sing, too?

As Josh explained to Gary Shannon and Gina Cook on Saturday, the answer is 'yes'... for some of them.  As it turns out, not everyone in the Ledet family is "blessed with the gift of music" as Josh says.  But, despite that, having a large family creates a huge support system for the Westlake, La. native facing his first time alone out in California.  You could see it on display in our studios -- just off camera was a hallway full of family members.  Heck, you could see it on public display at Josh's homecoming concert later that same night.  Josh entered the coliseum on a Mardi Gras float, and it was filled with his family.

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