I will never forget where I was when it was announced that Whitney Houston was found dead.  It's still hard to believe that she's gone.  Her family had a absolutely beautiful "going home" ceremony for her, and as a fan I thank them for televising it and allowing us to share that moment with them. 


Of course the lingering question, was what in the world happened.  Did she fall asleep, did she fall, did she have a heart attack?  What happened?  Well, yesterday the toxicology test results can in and the LA County Coroner released their findings.

As seen on Good Morning America this morning.


In other news I have an update on the El Debarge story, first reported yesterday.  Also, as he takes one step forward, he get's dragged back 10.  DMX is being sued to the tune of $630,000!  Find out why now.  Finally, Usher is putting the final touches on his upcoming album and hopefully it'll be out before the end of the year.  He's got a killer single called "Climax"  here's the video.



Meanwhile, Ursh is also looking to get back on the big screen.  Speaking of which, he just landed a huge role portraying a booking legend.  Get all the details now.  Here's Tha Wire, press play now: 



Since were talking movies, Dr. Dre is gearing up to release the first movie from his Crucial Films company.  Dre launch Crucial Films in 2007 by teaming up with New Line to produce a series of dark comedies and horror films.  His first flick out of the gate is "Thaw" and it centers around an ancient evil that emerges from the rapidly-melting ice in the Yukon.

This film is in the early part of production, so there's no release dates just yet.  But you know I'll keep you posted.





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