Over the weekend I had a chance to get out and support the movie "Baggage Claim". This the second movie for Stage Play Director David E Talbert. The first was the Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan comedy "First Sunday", but this time around there are even bigger names and the story does not leave you hanging. Check out the trailer for the movie "Baggage Claim" below!


Baggage Claim Trailer:

It really bothers me when I see critics wanting to compare David E Talbert to Tyler Perry. While they both started on the play circuit, I truly feel that they both bring their own brand of flavor to every movie that they work on. It's common that if you are not a fan of either that you can easily try to compare, but I think if you see the movie this week you will like it. We will be giving you a chance to win tickets to the movie this entire week. Make sure you are listening to the midday show with Gina Cook for your time to call and win tickets for two to the movies at the Lake Charles stadium 10.