I really makes me cringe when elections come up whether on individuals or particular bills and people will say their votes don't count. This can be no further from the truth. Everyone has a voice and the fact remains that the only way that you will be heard is by voting.


This Saturday in Louisiana, it will be time to vote for a new governor, various representatives in the senate and some of your districts will be changing commanders as well. I ask that you guys go out and vote and realize that you have the power to change things that you may not like. I encourage all of my friends to go and vote this Saturday morning and most of the polls will be opening at around 6 am.


This election is important, I have heard folks say that this could be the creation of a new Lake Charles with various first time candidates vying for certain positions. The fact is guys, there are people who will stand in line all night for Black Friday or for some Jordans or concert tickets, but won't give about 10-15 minutes of time to vote. Please get out this weekend, as there is plenty of things going on. But voting should be at the top of the list.

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